About Us

Message from Rainbow Bridge Founder – Professor Ong Kok Hai

Thank you for taking an interest in Rainbow Bridge and for caring about communities in need.

I’d like to share with you the Rainbow Bridge story and how you might be part of it. In our world, there are those who need and those who have. Of those who need. Some of them are in shelter or welfare homes and some are served by NGO’s. The main problem faced by these communities in need is in reaching out to individuals and organisations that can help them meaningfully.

On the other hand, there are everyday heroes: caring people such as yourself that are all around us who are willing to help. Perhaps you may not know how you can help or whether your donation reaches and impacts the communities or causes you believe in.

Perhaps you are part of a corporate organisation that wish to start or already has a corporate social responsibility (or CSR) program. On the other hand, you may be part of a foundation, or NGO that dedicates itself to helping the under privileged.

The question we get asked most often is: “I want to help. How do I reach these communities? What do they really need? How can we impact them in a meaningful and sustainable way?

This led me, in my 15 years of community service – and us, to realise that huge gaps in communication and networking exist between these various groups, limiting the impact and sustainability of efforts to help.

It is in these gaps that Rainbow Bridge was established i.e. to bridge the gaps between communities in need and those who wish to help as well as linking the many efforts to help. This greatly increases impact and sustainability.

At Rainbow Bridge, we identify communities, prioritize their needs, and links them to individuals, groups, companies or organisations. The resulting smart partnership is a strong network aimed to provide solutions to specific needs that would be long term and more sustainable. Our rainbow symbolises hope and beauty in diversity.

How will YOU or your company contribute to impact society and the communities around you? We hope that you might  consider to be part of Rainbow Bridge and be the next to add more opportunities for communities in need to have better sustainability.

Thank you!!!

Professor Ong Kok Hai


Mission Statement

Rainbow Bridge is a caring organisation that strives to create opportunities for equitable social inclusion among all levels of communities through smart partnerships between those in need and those who have, for the betterment of life.


Rationale of the Rainbow Bridge Logo:

  1. The 3 curved lines represents the 3 key strategic partners interlinked to create a bridge. This represents the vision to connect and create pathways and opportunities among them as well as with our organisation as the main stakeholders.
  2. The 6 colours [yellow, orange, red, light green, light blue and light purple] from the rainbow represents the passion, unity and diversity of the organisation in reaching out to enrich and inspire its stakeholders. The modern and bright colours forming the rainbow also reflects a sense of harmony and hope which the organisation aspires to bring and provide for the communities at large.
  3. The clean modern text of RAINBOW BRIDGE anchors the rainbow providing a strong and solid foundation that will lead us into the future.

Our Approach to Achieve Our Mission

This is best illustrated by the diagramme below.  It comprises the four main stakeholders that revolves around core activities.  These stakeholders comprise the following:-

  1. The Rainbow Bridge (RB) Members are the core of our universe; they define the quality of our existence and what impact we can make to society. They are enzymes that catalyses all our actions and reactions. They bring in new members and individuals as sponsors, they identify communities in need to be our beneficiaries, they bring in corporate sponsors and collaborating organisations and take pro-active activities to ensure our projects achieve the objectives set.
  2. Beneficiaries are legitimate under-served communities with identified specific needs (“the project”) that can be met through meaningful contributions from sponsors, collaborators and RB members. They are nominated by our members and need to undergo due diligence to confirm both their identity as well as to assess that their specific needs can reasonably be met.
  3. Sponsors are organisations (commercial or professional) or individuals that can provide goods, services or financial aid, through RB, to meet the needs of beneficiaries. RB will facilitate the transfer of such assistance to the beneficiaries as well as monitor the outcome to ensure that the original specific needs are met over the short as well as longer term. Sponsors can also be individuals that provide assistance to ensure the success of a project.
  4. Collaborators are organisations (e.g. other NGO’s, institutions, academies, professional bodies or sports associations) that possess specific skills that will provide effective benefits to add impact and sustainability into RB projects.