Our Projects & Activities

Drawing upon the resources of its own members/participants and also in partnership with external organizations (corporate, professional, NGOs), Rainbow Bridge has been able to embark on various programmes and activities, including but not limited to the following areas:

Food Bank

Collection and distribution of frozen chicken and fresh eggs to RB’s beneficiaries comprising elderly and children’s’ welfare homes in the Klang Valley, Penang and Johor.  These welfare homes were given supplies fortnightly, continuously for the last four (4) years.  For our major sponsors, please see Section 3. OUR PARTNERS. The number of dependents in the welfare homes totaled approximately 1,500 persons.

The Food Bank also served as an important channel for the ad hoc supply and collection of non-regular food items donated by other food manufacturers. Over the last four years, food items such as chocolate cookies (by Granda Stella), margarine spreads (by Soon Soon Oil Mills), food additivities and flavourings (Ajinomoto), milk powder for babies and rice were also distributed.

Health Screening

Medical check-ups for children’s homes by RB’s own team of health professionals, often in collaboration with other organizations were carried out. Activities include screening for general heath, female reproductive health, respiratory diseases, skin conditions, minor wounds, head lice and body mass index (BMI) as an indicator of their nutritional status.

Children who were suspected of suffering from serious or chronic health issues including endocrine disorders, cardiac abnormalities, speech and hearing deficiencies were referred to respective specialists either in the government hospitals or in private practices for further investigations and appropriate treatment.

Dental Screening

Oral health is an important area of concern and be another key initiative of RB. Poor oral health could lead to life-long problems that impact upon nutrition and quality of life.  After the screenings, children who need dental treatment will be referred to appropriate dental faculties (depending on location) for appropriate action. At the time of writing, the Faculty of Dentistry, UKM has agreed to collaborate with RB.  Another dental faculty in the Klang Valley is also interested in becoming a partner by early 2024.

Gift of Sight Programme

Involves eye screening, diagnosis and corrective procedures for the children’s homes. This commenced in August 2023 in collaboration with The Malaysian Society of Ophthalmology (MSO), The Association of Malaysian Optometrists (AMO) and the International Specialist Eye Centre (ISEC).  Two major lens manufacturers, Carl Zeiss and Hoya are our sponsors.

A key component of this project is utilizing the invention for Rapid Easy-to-use application eye Screening Test (REST) by Dr. JB Chan, an eye specialist (ophthalmologist) who is also a RB member. A mobile device such as the smart phone can be used and the test, easily mastered by teachers, university students and other health professionals to carry out the screening procedures. In this exercise, RB has involved the Asian Medical Students Association’s (AMSA), IMU members under the supervision of Dr. Arun (a medical pathologist and advisor to AMSA) to screen children in low-cost housing areas in the Klang Valley in collaboration with the Tara Foundation.  We are also grateful to ISEC and AMO’s participating members for the treatment of eye disorders and for making refraction spectacles respectively, under this project. RB has plans to expand this project from the Klang Valley to Perak and Penang and eventually to other parts of Malaysia.

Swimming Project

Swimming is an important life skill. Under a pioneer project, children from one of the orphanages were taught to swim by RB member Azneil at the Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club facilities. This was discontinued due to the Covid pandemic. Subsequently, however, in May 2022 RB restarted the project in collaboration with RNJ Swimming Academy and the Aquathelete Swimming Club for children from three (3) welfare homes. RB provided the children with swimwear and goggles, while swimming caps were sponsored by the Synerchem Group. The children will eventually be encouraged to take participate in swimming competitions to enhance their swimming skills and for self-development. Hopefully, the fact that the children could attend swimming classes weekly would augur well for their social and mental development. It is hoped that a few of them will go on to further develop their interest and skills in swimming.

Miscellaneous Activities

RB was founded on the premise of bridging the gap between those in need and those who have the ability to meet the particular needs.  Therefore, in addition to the above major projects, some of the activities that we agreed to undertake included: –

Assistance to Pertubuhan Kebajikan Kesayangan Maha in Jenjarom, Selangor

The Maha welfare home, which has been providing food and shelter to 25 individuals of different ages had asked for help on various household items.  RB members donated a freezer, refrigerator, a stand fan, a table fan, 10 single mattresses and 10 pillows to them. This was made possible by RB members raising a total of RM3,800 within two days for the purchase the above items, the exception being the large refrigerator which was donated by an RB member.  This project was coordinated by RB Caterina Yap.

Supply of diapers to the home for the mentally challenged.

IQ70+ had requested help to source diapers for their mentally challenged dependents.  Through the connection of RB member Ming, we were able to contact Oji Asia, a manufacturer of children’s diapers.  Although RB’s intention was to purchase the diapers at cost and donate to the home, Oji Asia instead generously provided 30 cartons of diapers for this initiative gratis. This gesture does highlight the fact that there a many Malaysian companies ready to demonstrate a culture of care and giving when the need arose.

Roof repair for RTK hostel in Jalan Ledang

The roof of the male hostel and classroom space belonging to Rumah Titian Kaseh in Jalan Ledang (which also serves as RB’s Food Bank) was seriously damaged during the monsoon rains in late 2002 .  Through RB Mariam, who was then with the Synerchem Group of companies, a contractor was engaged to repair the roof and prevent further damage to the premises. The cost of repairs were borne by Synerchem.

The year 2022/23 turned out to be a busy one for Rainbow Bridge. Activities which were put on hold due to the Covid pandemic were resumed and new projects launched, the most recent being the Gift of Sight, with key partners who share our vision of improved eyesight for children.  It is our aim that this key project will grow in strength and spread rapidly throughout the country. As always, we are delighted to have wonderful professional and industry partners in this Project.  In addition, we are fortunate to have a donor (wishes to remain anonymous) who has backed us financially to ensure its success.

For the coming year, we expect to engage in active partnerships with UKM’s Dental Faculty for our oral health program and UKM’s Department of Ophthalmology for our Gift of Sight project.

We are also looking forward to forming partnerships with more faculties/departments of local universities as well as greater involvement of secondary school and university students in our projects. These students will be given certificates of appreciation as formal recognition of their social and humanitarian engagement amongst the local communities in need.

All the above activities, projects and initiatives would not have been possible without the engagement and support of our corporate and individual sponsors, professional organizations and their members, our tertiary institutions and finally, our RB Family of members and participants, for their belief in and commitment to RB’s mission.  A big thank you to all.

We look forward for new members who share our vision, work collectively to further RB’s mission.

Individuals, organizations are welcome to become members. Students from secondary and tertiary institutions are also encouraged to get involved in and experience our activities and hopefully move on to become members.